Tribal Martial Arts


Sah Doh Mu Sool

The earliest Martial Arts developed in Korea are referred to as Sah Doh Mu Sool; meaning tribal, clan, or family martial arts, as this type of martial art was mainly passed down from one generation to the next through family lines.

Sah Doh Mu Sool was popular among the ancient tribes, city-states and smaller kingdoms that formed in the Korean Peninsula and parts of what is now China. This was evident well before the first unified Korean kingdom of Ko-Cho Sun which was founded in 2333 BC by the legendary king, Dahn Goon Wahng Guhm. Later, Sah Doh Mu Sool was further developed and made widespread by voluntary militias which comprised of the common people, who often fought in battles to defend their villages.

Traditional athletic activities such as Taekkyon, and Ssireum are considered to have originated from Sah Doh Mu Sool.