Simone Schuster

I joined the KSW Ladies Class six month ago and simply fell in love with it! I never thought that I would be able to learn a martial art. (Or even ever enjoy going to a sports class). Matt is a great teacher and you learn everything step by step according to your own capability. Each class is different and exciting with Matt’s never ending knowledge of the martial arts. Another great part is the fun and laughter we all have in the ladies class. It’s just wonderful gaining strength and confidence while having fun!


Justin Ross

I spotted Matt's Facebook page shortly after moving back to Cork. I knew a little about the martial art and it always interested me so I thought I'd give it a shot.

Of course I was a bit apprehensive about starting, being a beginner again at 35 and joining a class with more advanced students, but I'm glad I didn't let that put me off.

Kuk Sool Won really is a family orientated and very inclusive martial art that really does have everything!

It doesn't matter what your fitness or ability is (there are people who started at 60 and have their black belt now). You will learn quickly, have a load of fun and do things you thought you never could.

Kuk sool won covers everything from kicking, punching and blocking to grappling, throwing and joint locking and there are even acrobatics and weapons as your skills grow!

I look forward to our training every week and the master class at the weekend, where we  focus on our techniques and really honing those skills.

I really can't say enough about kuk sool won cork or Matt's very high level of training..... He really is a master at his art.

Classes are very friendly so don't be shy and come along and give it a go!

The best time to start is when you're 3, the next best time is right now!


Rafaela Herberich

I used to run a few times a week but found it very hard on my knees and in the end really boring. Since I started KSW my flexibility, core strength and balance has improved hugely. I never thought I would say I love doing kicks, handstands and cartwheels. Now I really don’t want to miss a training session. I can definitely say that I really found my sport and met a lovely bunch of people through this.



Louise McGrath

Very professional and helpful instructors! Always willing to help me when I am stuck, and tailor the movements to suit my level and ability. Definitely worth a try!



Bernadett Szemere

Our best choice was to take the kids for KSW with Fiona and Matt. The best team!



Sarah Duncan

All 3 of my children have done Kuk Sool Won, with my eldest achieving her black belt at age 12! It has taught her so much. Not only the vast range of skills that come with learning KSW, but also commitment, dedication, working towards a goal, confidence, self discipline and so much more! Matt & Fiona are so patient and encouraging. I couldn't recommend these classes highly enough.