Women's Self-defence Workshop

Women's Self-defence Workshop


Realistic and practical Self-defence workshop for women.

Suitable for all. No prior experience of martial arts necessary.

All proceeds of this workshop will go towards funding the Irish Kuk Sool Won team’s trip to compete in the WKSA Pacific Coast Competition in April 2020

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Women’s Self Defense workshop

This workshop will introduce you to some practical principles for effective self defence. The workshop looks at both the mindset necessary to avoid difficult situations and how to manage them should evasion not be possible. Realistic and accessible, this workshop will equip you with some techniques to mind yourself sensibly and with confidence.

Instructor, Matt Boniwell is a 5th Degree master of Kuk Sool Won. He has studied this comprehensive Korean martial art for over 20 years and taught others for 16+ years. He will be accompanied by female black and brown belts and together they will help you practice and understand some of the physical exercises involved in practical and realistic self-defence. Suitable for those with no martial arts experience. Equally, reinforces positive self-defence mindset in those with some knowledge.