Specialist Classes


Traditional Weapons Training

All of our students have a unique opportunity to delve into the world of traditional weapons training in these dedicated classes. In these classes, you will learn to use a variety of traditional weapons including swords, staffs, jool-bong (more commonly known as knunchuks) and Korean archery.

We place great emphasis on weapons etiquette and the safe use and practice of traditional weapons. This benefits you not just in terms of flexibility and dexterity; but also in regard to developing your mental attitude and internal understanding of respect and etiquette.


Master Class

Our master class is open to all belt ranks, and is a unique opportunity for those students who demonstrate a more developed aptitude for and commitment to, Kuk Sool Won.

It operates on an invitation only basis. If you want to be invited to take part in the master class, show us you want it! How? Work hard in class, show your instructors and classmates a good attitude and practice in your own time. We’ll notice and we’ll talk to you about joining these classes.


Private Lessons

Private lessons are available by appointment.

PKJN offers preivate lessons in Kuk Sool Won to WKSA members only. He can however, offer lessons in self-defence to members of the public